Register & Event Schedule

Registration hase ended for this glorious event; we look forward to seeing our registrants soon. Plase be sure to come back next year for updates and news. Row hard!

Saturday Race Sheets (Updated 10/31)
Sunday Race Sheets (Updated 10/31)

1) 11:59pm Eastern on October 24 is the absolute registration deadline. No exceptions.
2) When the maximum of allowed trailers and participants set by the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority (NVRPA) is met.

  • Coaches: Junior 4+’s and 8+’s are limited to 30 boats per event; entries are capped to three (3) per entering organization.
  • Coaches: On Sunday, your faster boats must be entered in the “Upper Boat” category.
  • No Novice Youth / Junior boats permitted in HOTO 2016
  • All weekend: Utility trailers / “chuck wagons” are NOT permitted for daylong parking; unload and load only.

Questions about registration can be directed to

General questions about HOTO can be directed to

No Youth / Junior NOVICE boats permitted this year.

Schedule is arranged by event. Subject to change. Last updated September 17, 2016. PLEASE REFER TO ABOVE RACE SHEETS

Saturday, November 5th, 2016

0 SAT. Registration, Weigh-ins Open at Registration Desk 08:00 AM
0 Coaches and Coxswain Meeting (10 minutes) 08:15 AM
1a Men’s Championship 1x 10:30 AM
1b Men’s Lightweight 1x 10:30 AM
1c Men’s Masters 1x (30-39) 10:35 AM
1d Men’s Senior Masters 1x (40-49) 10:35 AM
1e Men’s Grand Masters 1x (50-59) 10:35 AM
1f Men’s Veteran 1x (60-69) 10:35 AM
1g Men’s Senior Veteran 1x (70+) 10:35 AM
1h Men’s Youth 1x 10:45 AM
1i Mens Novice 1x 10:45 AM
1j Men’s Recreational 1x 10:45 AM
2a Women’s Championship 1x 11:00 AM
2b Women’s Lightweight 1x 11:00 AM
2c Women’s Masters 1x (30-39) 11:05 AM
2d Women’s Senior Masters 1x (40-49) 11:05 AM
2e Women’s Grand Masters 1x (50-59) 11:05 AM
2f Women’s Veteran 1x (60-69) 11:05 AM
2g Women’s Senior Veteran 1x (70+) 11:05 AM
2h Women’s Youth 1x 11:10 AM
2i Women’s Novice 1x 11:10 AM
2j Women’s Recreational 1x 11:10 AM
3a Collegiate Men’s 8+ 11:30 AM
3b Collegiate Lightweight Mens 8+ 11:30 AM
3c Collegiate Women’s 8+ 11:40 AM
3d Collegiate Lightweight Womens 8+ 11:40 AM
4a Frosh Novice Mens 4+ 11:50 AM
4b Frosh Novice Womens 4+ 11:50 AM
5a Men’s Master 2x (40-49) 01:30 PM
5b Men’s Master 2x (50+) 01:30 PM
5c Women’s Master 2x (40-49) 01:35 PM
5d Women’s Master 2x (50+) 01:35 PM
6a Frosh Novice Mens 8+ 02:00 PM
6b Frosh Novice Womens 8+ 02:00 PM
7a Men’s Collegiate 4+ 02:20 PM
7b Mens Collegiate Lightweight 4+ 02:20 PM
7c Womens Collegiate 4+ 02:30 PM
7d Womens Collegiate Lightweight 4+ 02:30 PM
8a Men’s Master 4x (40-49) 02:50 PM
8b Men’s Master 4x (50+) 02:50 PM
8c Women’s Master 4x (40-49) 02:55 PM
8d Women’s Master 4x (50+) 02:55 PM
0 Park Closes Sat: No admittance after close 06:30 PM

Sunday, November 6th, 2016

0 SUN. Registration and Weigh-ins Open at Registration Desk 08:00 AM
0 Sun. Coaches & Coxswains Meet (10 Minutes) 08:15 AM
9a Mixed 2X 10:00 AM
9b Mixed Master 2x (40-49) 10:05 AM
9c Mixed Master 2x (50+) 10:05 AM
10a Men’s Youth 8+ Upper Boats 10:20 AM
10b Women’s Youth 8+ Upper boats 10:40 AM
11a Men’s Youth 4+ Lower Boats (See Event Rules) 11:00 AM
11b Women’s Youth 4+ Lower Boats (See Event Rules) 11:20 AM
12a Men’s Club 2x 11:35 AM
12b Men’s Lightweight 2x 11:35 AM
13a Women’s Club 2x 11:45 AM
13b Women’s Lightweight 2x 11:45 AM
14a Men’s Youth 8+ Lower Boats (See Event Rules) 12:00 PM
14b Women’s Youth 8+ Lower Boats (See Event Rules) 12:15 PM
15a Men’s Youth 4+ 12:30 PM
15b Women’s Youth 4+ 12:45 PM
16a Men’s Master 8+ (40-49) 01:00 PM
16b Men’s Master 8+ (50+) 01:00 PM
16c Women’s Master 8+ (40-49) 01:10 PM
16d Women’s Master 8+ (50+) 01:10 PM
17a Men’s 4x 01:20 PM
17d Women’s 4x 01:25 PM
18a Men’s Club 8+(Entry rules for this event) 02:30 PM
18b Women’s Club 8+ (Entry rules for this event) 02:40 PM
19a Mixed 4x 02:50 PM
19b Mixed Master 4x (40-49) 02:55 PM
19c Mixed Master 4x (50+) 02:55 PM
20a Men’s Masters 4+ (40-49) 03:10 PM
20b Men’s Masters 4+ (50+) 03:10 PM
20c Women’s Master 4+ (40-49) 03:20 PM
20d Women’s Master 4+ (50+) 03:20 PM
21a Men Club 4+ 03:30 PM
21b Women’s Club 4+ 03:35 PM
0 Park Closes 06:30 PM

Event Descriptions

1.  Collegiate: Open to students of a 4-year university or college.

2. Champion: Open to all.

3.  Alumni: All competitors must have been graduated from or attended the university or college they are representing.

4.  Club: Open to all crews, except that colleges interested in participating in Sunday club events must first compete in the corresponding collegiate event on Saturday.

5.  Lightweights: Open to male rowers not over 165 pounds and female rowers not over 135 pounds. On boats with multiple rowers, each rower must meet the weight requirement since there will be no averaging of weights. Weigh-in is held at the Upper Boathouse on the day of the event. It begins when registration opens and must be completed by the close of registration. Check the regatta schedule for the exact times.

6.  Masters: Each competitor must be at least 22 years of age AND the average age of each boat MUST be over 30. Age is calculated using the US Rowing rules. Coxswains are excluded from age restrictions and calculations. Events are based on ten-year increments (30+, 40+, 50+, 60+, 70+, 80+) and may be adjusted according to the number of entries. Age categories 50+ and above will be handicapped. If an event is undersubscribed, it will be held with the closest age group BUT will receive separate medals for that age group.

7.  Junior or Youth Events: Each competitor must be less than 19 years of age at the end of the year in which the regatta is being held. No college students may participate.

8.  Upper and Lower Boats: Lower boat events for juniors and collegiate rowers may be held depending upon the number of entries. No upper boat rower may participate in the lower boat event. To enter a lower boat event, the team must row at least two entries in the upper event. A club or school’s fastest boatsmust be entered in the upper boat event.

9. Novice: USRowing recommended definition of a novice athlete: a novice rower “shall be a coxswain or rower whose initial competition within the same discipline [(sculling or sweep)] has been in the previous 12 months of the date of the regatta”.

Novice athletes are students who have never competed in a regatta before the current season. Novice boats are comprised solely of novice athletes. Former coxswains who row for the first time are considered novice rowers. However, a former rower who then becomes a coxswain is not considered to be a novice coxswain.

Important Information:

  • Men’s and Women’s Junior 4+’s and 8+’s will be limited to 30 boats per event. Organizations may not enter more than three boats per each event.
  • Only rowers over the age of 18 who have graduated from High School may participate in Open and Club events (including coxswains).
  • There will be no Novice Junior/Youth events in HOTO 2016. November’s weather, wind, and water conditions and the length of the head race can be arduous and dangerous to inexperienced crews.
  • 11:59pm Eastern Time on October 24 is the registration deadline, this is firm. There is no late registration deadline. No extensions, no day-of / on-site boat adds. 
  • No booster club utility trailers / “chuck wagons” are permitted in the park beyond the need to unload upon arrival and load upon departure from Sandy Run Regional Park. Teams and Clubs are responsible for the off-site parking of these vehicles.
  • OBC strongly encourages all attendees to car / van pool, use buses to help minimize vehicular traffic to Sandy Run Regional Park.
  • OBC reserves the right to move competitors to other events and change the schedule at any time.
  • Sandy Run Regional Park has 24 spots available on a first-come, first-served basis for team tents and designated areas.
  • Masters divisions are based on average age. Please register in the appropriate age category.
  • NVRPA rules prohibit pet dogs in the park on regatta days at Sandy Run Regional Park.
  • All registrants will receive updates and reminders of these rules via email days before the regatta, be sure to check your “spam” and trash folders for any news from OBC.